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Make Money With A Blog — Do It Right From The Beginning


If you want to learn how to make money with a blog, make sure you have a solid beginning to your site.  You can really help (or hurt) your blog right from the beginning by choices  you make about your blog style and where it resides.  I will give you some of my top tips on how to get your blog off on the right footing.  Here are my tips:

  1.  Get your own domain —  To make money with a blog, you need to have your own niche related domain name.  If you are not willing to do that, you most likely are not going to succeed.  Your reader will be able to remember your blog name easily if you have a catchy domain name.  You will be able to brand this name to you, and this can be worth a lot of money to you over time.
  2.  Get your own hosting account —  You need to put your domain on an inexpensive hosting plan.  You do not need to spend a lot of money here.  You can get the $5 plan to get started.  You want to have personal control over your blog, and having your own hosting is the only way to ensure this control is yours.  Do not use free hosting platforms, as you are giving the owner control over your blog.  This is not a good idea.
  3.  Use the WordPress platform —  You want to use the WordPress platform to build your blog.  There is a lot of free functionality built into the WordPress platform.  Once you learn how to use this platform, you will be able to edit your information and make your blog look better.  You will also be able to add offers and promotions to your blog without having to pay a web master to do the work.

You can really help your blog get off to a good start by setting it up correctly.  Do not cut corners to opt for free hosted sites if you want control of  your blogging destiny.  The correct set up will get you positioned properly and will allow you to build a profitable blog.

Design and Print Your Own T-Shirt – FREE


These high quality shirts from VistaPrint are great for marketing your company, expressing yourself or sending as a gift. Select from predesigned shirts or design your own with a great interactive feature rich online design application.

Predesigned Shirts

There are 24 different designs that you can choose from for your free t-shirt today. These are high quality shirts that are 100% cotton and come in all the usual sizes. Pay just the shipping and handling charges on your order.

Geek t-shirts I still know & love

Geek t-shirts I still know & love (Photo credit: pfctdayelise)

The designs are very well done in full color and can be customized to include your event name or business name, a phone number, an address, a website, a date, or any number of items that you want the public to know about you and/or your company.

Upgrades are also available. Upgrade the shirt from the quality white to an ash or black for a nominal fee of $1.00 to $2.50. Place a message on the back of your shirt. Add hats, business cards, decals, and sticky notes to your order which match the design you have selected for your free shirt.

Design your Own

Upload your professional logo to create a shirt that matches the branding you already have in place for your event or your company. Add designs such as Holiday, Events, Business or Personal. You’ll love the unlimited number of designs they have to complete your premium shirt selection.

Select a color shirt for a small additional fee with both ash and black shirts available in addition to your free white quality tee. Place a message on the back of your shirt to convey additional information about your company or your event. Select from all the usual sizes that are available including small to XX large and you are ready to complete your order.

There are a number of add-on items if you like the logo you uploaded or the design you created from pens to magnets to rubber stamps. Get a toll-free number, a postage meter, or try out Google Adwords for free.