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Including Publicity in Trade Show Marketing


A well-designed trade show exhibit and a well-executed trade show marketing plan can help your company attract positive media coverage, even with the strong competition from the many other exhibitors at the event.  Stay in contact with trade show organizers throughout the year; they engage in promotional activities that involve the media on an ongoing basis.  This will open opportunities to get your company or products included in newsletters and press releases that are distributed by the organizer on a regular basis.

Three months before the show, contact the organizers public relations department and offer to assist with publicity activities.  Offer to contribute industry information, research and expert interviews to help the organizer publicize the show and create media interest.

Have your press kit prepared one month before the event and make sure it includes a company overview and key information about your products and services, a company fact sheet and time line, performance reports and recent news articles and coverage.  Also include executive biographies with photographs and any other marketing materials that will help reporters gain understanding of your market position and competitive differences.  Make arrangements to have your press kit placed in the media room at the event and keep some extra copies in your trade show display area.

A few weeks before the show, begin your own promotions and publicity efforts by contacting important trade and area reporters that are likely to cover the event, as well as media representatives that are pre-registered for the show.  For the press to be interested you must have newsworthy information to share such as new product information or research findings on the latest industry trends. Provide reporters with your media kit, a press release covering your news and offer to serve as a media source at the event.  If you have a significant news announcement to make, consider scheduling a press conference during the event and personally inviting key media to attend.

Designate a single contact person within your organization for all media inquiries and interviews; this person should be a senior level representative from your company.  Also, be prepared for the unexpected by making sure your trade show staff is well versed in communicating your company message and prepared for possible questions that may arise unexpectedly from the media and prospects.

Introducing Badge Lanyard


A multinational corporation employs around four thousand employees at its catering service centre, which is connected to an international airport. The centre operations run all through the day and night and on all days during the year. The nature of the service being cooked and catering to flights, appropriate deliveries by the dot are the critical needs. Since the corporation employed labor and other workers on contract, they had out sourced the repairs to three different labor contract service companies who supplied people on an everyday basis and provides them lanyards.

When the centre security operations were renovated and new systems created, they put security system with badge lanyard identification for admission and exit so that automatically the people’s movements can be tracked and recorded. With trials and testing, the large day arrived when the system had to begin operations. Badge lanyard was particularly issued to all employees. This badge lanyard includes photo together with identification information of the employee with the contracting company details and on the reverse the best lanyards online contained magnetic strips, which can work as swipe cards.

On the day of the beginning of operations, people open up at all gates and doors and it took somewhat a while for all to swipe and get in causing a delay in operations which in turn affect deliveries and consequently departures of flight, this kind of started the idea behind the breakaway safety lanyards. The same chaos continued however the reason for delay was different. It so occurred that people begins misplacing their badge lanyards and cannot keep it in a safe and handy place.

Introduction of badge lanyards not only helped rate up the entry course, however was found to be extremely helpful for employees to secure their other items such as key chains, etc. This also gave them a sense of identity and the outcome could be seen in the fact that attrition lessened right away after the opening of badge lanyards by over three percent.

Ideas on Targeted Leads

There are many ways to find a steady source of leads.  The challenge is to find them on your own.  When a business discover a good lead source, especially local business they are not local to reveal this information.  In fact studies show that business owners are very tight lipped and often claim there leads are from other sources when asked how they generate leads.  So get involved and be prepared to spend money on trial and error.


If you are new to lead generation and targeted leads, then you will soon learn that this process of targeted leads is an ongoing journey. Its always changing and those who are on the leading edge will have the most to gain.  creativity and some luck are key ingredients to lead generation.  Find out who is getting the result you want and learn what it is they do.  Some lead generation company do share information about other clients and how the client is generating the leads.  This would be a wealth of great info if such sources can be found and the information is accurate.

Below are a few Ideas that will help put you on the path to good leads.

Get out there and visible. Attend functions and get out and meet face to face with people.  These opportunities are listed in your local paper and are filled with like minded people who are after the same thins as you are.  Seminars, trade shows, luncheons, grand opening are some of the more common events.

Word of mouth and Viral Marketing.  Its often said that this is truly the best form of advertising. It can sometimes be more successful than a direct referral. There is however an art and a science to this type of lead generation.

Contact your local chamber of Commerce. The Chamber will have a great deal of business to business leads in the local region and they are all able to be contacted online.  This approach is cheap way to get started.

Telemarketing.  Cold calling is a numbers game.  And when used properly likely the highest in overall potential.  Using good lists is the key here.  You will need to decide if its better to drill down and get targeted list of use broad list and filter leads your self.  Paying more for more targeted list would be my suggestion as long as the costs for these leads justify themselves in the number of conversions.  But it often that buying cheap leads and finding a way to filter them to get to the hot leads could save a bundle of money.  Every scenario has its own quirks about them.  Simply using the phone can generate a load of great leads for you and your business.

Work from Home Jobs are not for Everyone


Work from home jobs are plentiful if you know where to look.  There are many different types of work at home jobs that include data entry, article and blog writing, technical writing, web design, web programming, personal assistants, graphic design, network administration, customer service and others.  While some at home workers solely earn their salary strictly from home, others might not earn enough to work from home alone.  If you are searching for jobs from home, you are joining the millions who have the same goal.

If you find yourself struggling to earn enough money working from home, you are not the only one.  Competition for work at home jobs is very high (those that are legitimate work from home jobs).  True work at home jobs do not make you pay for anything – no books, CDs, or any work at home programs that will guarantee you to earn “fast and easy” money.  Never pay for a job position, no matter what they tell you and how much earning potential you have.  The people who make their money and claim they get rich do so buy selling “how to get rich quick” tutorials and information from you.

Many companies are trying to cut costs as best they can, so many more people are forced (or allowed depending on your view point) to telecommunicate from home.  One of the problems when working from home is the fact that you do not have a boss breathing down your neck to do a good job.  Why is this bad thing?  A boss who consistently monitors your work will keep you motivated and on your toes so your performance remains at a high level.  If you do not have a boss looking over your shoulder, then you might not be so eager to do as much work as you would normally do.

You may easily become distracted by your family and pets if they bother you while you are trying to work.  You should try to find a quiet place to work (hopefully you have a home office or isolated room somewhere).  Obviously, you need peace and quite to concentrate while you are trying to work at home.

On the positive side, when working from home, you can easily save a lot of money by not having to drive to and from work, you will save on gas costs and your stress level might decrease because you are in the comfort of your own home.  Working from home is not for everyone, but millions of people have found success in doing so.

Since When Does a T-Shirt Help the Environment?


Since When Does a T-Shirt Help the Environment?

With Earth Friendly Vista Print You Get Much More than Just a Cotton Shirt!

Vista Print finalized a land purchase in Jamaica this month that will house a brand new customer service facility which will cover approximately 90,000 square feet. That’s not all! Vista Print has endeavored to Jamaica so that they could provide a broad range of customer service ethnicity to their growing customer base. Whether you are ordering one of the incredibly inexpensive, high quality t-shirts or from the broad spectrum of office products, Vista Print has remained committed to customer service. This customer service warehouse has also been designed to be Earth friendly and Vista print has taken their profits in order to build a facility that has the environment at the forefront of their business plan.

Vista print offers customizable t-shirts and embroidery, as well as a large inventory of other professional or personal products that maximize their customers purchase power. With number one rated customer service and easy to use creation software customers from around the world are flocking to the web’s largest and most successful online personalization warehouse. Whether you are looking for that one special shirt or enough to outfit a growing business – Vista print has you and the environment covered.

Putting Shirts on the Back of Haitians / Vista Print T-Shirts Contest

Putting Shirts on the Back of Haitians / Vista Print T-Shirts Contest

Jets Championship T Shirts

Where do all those pre-printed championship t-shirts go when a team loses? When the Jets lost recently, it seemed that the massive amounts of “We are the Champions” (at least until we lost_ t-shirts would be sold in discount, scratch and dent stores across the world but news reports indicate that they may be headed to Africa and Haiti. In addition to that, caps, mugs and other wares that must be discarded of may be off on a trip to help the earthquake torn Haiti and help put shirts on the back of the people who need it the most.

Vista Print Giveaway

Vista Print reported amazing fourth quarter earnings at the end of 2009, in part because of their focus to give back to both consumers and maintain their competitive edge against other t-shirt companies like CafePress. Mid-January, Vista Print announced that they would offer a customer appreciation give away that would include high end technological gifts and free offers. The sweepstakes is being monitored by partner Overdrive Interactive and is open to any Vista Print customers. To enter, customers large and small just need to log onto www.vistaprintgiveaway.com. Looks like 2010 might be an even better year for Vista Print and its large family of personalized products.