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Construction Business Cards: Finding Them Cheap


Business cards are important in the construction business as it is all about networking. The more people who know about you and your business, the more likely you are to succeed. It does not have to be expensive to get business cards made up, so if you are on a budget, take note of the followings tips to get a good deal.

1 – Shopping around is important. Get a quote from stationary shops, printing shop and the internet. Find out if anyone has any special offers or deals on. Very often, internet websites can produce some very good deals especially if you type Cheap business cards into Google.

3 – Consider making your own cards. With a good knowledge of a computer, good stationery card and a good printer, you can make your own cards. This is not recommended for bulk orders and be careful not to substitute quality for price.

4 – When buying the cards, be ready to barter. Tell the company that you will buy a large amount if you are given a good price. Generally the more, you order the cheaper it is. If the company is interested in free advertising, they may agree to give you a cheaper price if you leave a stack of their cards in your reception areas.

5 – Don’t waste money on flash business cards that are 3D, or have embossed images on them,. Whilst you need a colorful eye-catching card, there is no need to go over the top and make people think you are more interested in yourself then your business.

Whilst pricing quotes from different companies, be sure not to lose quality in your eagerness to get a good price. Black and white cards are cheaper, but are not eye-catching. Find a balance between good quality and a good price. Then sit back and watch the custom that your construction business cards will bring in.

Multiple Marketing Methods a Must To Succeed


As small business owners, whether service based, product based, or otherwise based (see making money online or some variant of home based business) it is easy to get locked in to one way of doing things, including marketing, that ends up squeezing out other productive marketing methods. As a DUI defense attorney, I am all too aware of this.

Though I am a service based business, I am like many other businesses out there, and unique to the profession of law. Most of my clients I only see once in their lives (hopefully). Most people that get into trouble do so once and never do so again. That means I must constantly be refreshing my client base. Repeat customers simply aren’t a feasible option.

To begin, I focused much of my marketing efforts online. I dabbled in SEO before launching my career as a DUI defense lawyer, and understood the basics of climbing the search engines organically. I threw myself into it, but soon found out that in addition to the organic search, there were other opportunities I couldn’t overlook, namely Google Local and adwords campaigns. Singly each may be somewhat successful, but together they tend to build on each other.

As that was going on, I began to think of ways that I could expand my marketing efforts outside the realm of the internet. And I quickly realized a couple of things. First, past clients love to give out referrals if they feel like you did a good job for them. And second, there are a lot of people out there interested in information you are an expert at.

To capitalize on this I formulated a monthly postcard sent to all former clients with a “tip” on how to deal with the cops. It has all of my information and helps to remind them that I’m out there, not so much for when they get in trouble, but for when their friends, family, and coworkers get in trouble. I also set up speaking engagements where ever I can, including fraternities, bars, chamber of commerce meetings – anywhere. The topic? How to deal with the cops.

In the end, if you want to be successful at your business you need multiple marketing and money making methods. If you are service based it includes the things I talked about. If you are trying to make money online it might be adsense, affiliate sales, and product sales. Whatever it is, diversity is the key to success.