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The Best Way to Keep Track of Preschoolers!


The Best Way to Keep Track of Preschoolers!

A Vista Print Class T-Shirt, of course! Perfect Gift for Teacher as Well

Preschools, kindergartens and the plethora of school and sports organizations finally have a simpler and less expensive way to outfit their children. Vista Print customizable t-shirts come in all the sizes those little ones need and can be made to order with a custom school or sports logo uploaded from your own computer. The best part is there is no haggling with local print companies and for under $10; customers can create a perfectly uniform group of children.

Vista Print is also a phenomenal place to purchase t-shirts as a gift. Have that one teacher who has coined a perfect catch phrase? Put it on a shirt, let his or her students sign it and you have magically created a memorable gift that will definitely never be re-gifted. Vista print is chalk full of creative items and can personalize any item whether for a large group, individual, budding business or die hard professional. From cups to mugs, calendars to caps or personalized t-shirts and specialized embroidery, Vista Print is much more than your run of the mill printing company.