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Dude T-Shirt Blog Provides Funny Quotes For T Shirts


Dude T-Shirt Blog Provides Funny Quotes For T Shirts

A T-shirt with a protest art message on it in ...

A T-shirt with a protest art message on it in the mid-2000s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’re designing a free T shirt online and want to put a funny quote on the shirt, Dude T-Shirt is a nice blog providing fun quotes that come up from time to time that you forget before you get a chance to write them down. Begun in July of 2008, the blog already has over 1200 fun quotes that you can use on your own T Shirt.

Fun Quotes for T Shirts

Sometimes Poignant, sometimes funny, mostly dang random is the tag-line of the blog and explains the quotes that are available. “I do message therapy!” is appropriate for high school or college guys looking for an ice breaker. “He was pleasant but not ‘present’.” is a humorous quote that would grab attention in a mocking kind of way while still being nice. So you can see the fun available on this often updated blog.

Free T Shirts Online

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Design and Print Your Own T-Shirt – FREE


These high quality shirts from VistaPrint are great for marketing your company, expressing yourself or sending as a gift. Select from predesigned shirts or design your own with a great interactive feature rich online design application.

Predesigned Shirts

There are 24 different designs that you can choose from for your free t-shirt today. These are high quality shirts that are 100% cotton and come in all the usual sizes. Pay just the shipping and handling charges on your order.

Geek t-shirts I still know & love

Geek t-shirts I still know & love (Photo credit: pfctdayelise)

The designs are very well done in full color and can be customized to include your event name or business name, a phone number, an address, a website, a date, or any number of items that you want the public to know about you and/or your company.

Upgrades are also available. Upgrade the shirt from the quality white to an ash or black for a nominal fee of $1.00 to $2.50. Place a message on the back of your shirt. Add hats, business cards, decals, and sticky notes to your order which match the design you have selected for your free shirt.

Design your Own

Upload your professional logo to create a shirt that matches the branding you already have in place for your event or your company. Add designs such as Holiday, Events, Business or Personal. You’ll love the unlimited number of designs they have to complete your premium shirt selection.

Select a color shirt for a small additional fee with both ash and black shirts available in addition to your free white quality tee. Place a message on the back of your shirt to convey additional information about your company or your event. Select from all the usual sizes that are available including small to XX large and you are ready to complete your order.

There are a number of add-on items if you like the logo you uploaded or the design you created from pens to magnets to rubber stamps. Get a toll-free number, a postage meter, or try out Google Adwords for free.