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10 Awesome Tips to Improve Your Project Management Skills


It doesn’t matter how large or small your project is, if you want a successful outcome, the best way to do it is to be a good project manager. It is predicted that less than half of all large scale projects fail, and that many projects wind up with cost overruns by the time they are completed. One way to avoid this happening with your project is to be a good project manager. To be a good project manager requires that you keep your managerial skills honed. Here are 10 awesome tips to improve your project management skills.

Create an outline of your project

An outline should include a basic description of the project, why the project is necessary, who the project manager is, and all resources that will be used to complete the project. All team members should receive a copy of the outline.

Create a plan

The plan should include schedules, projects costs, resources to be used, possible risks that may arise, and have all supporting documentation, if applicable. It should also include a plan for how all elements of the project will be handled.

Get organized

The project should be mapped out by tasks, who will be responsible for said tasks, the resources to be used, when the tasks should be completed, and who should be informed when the tasks are completed.

Develop a risk assessment

What may go wrong? When may it occur? How will it affect the project? What can be done to avoid it? Come up with an alternative approach in case the risk turns out to be real, and possibly put the whole project in jeopardy.


Communicate with your team members at every stage of the project whether things are going well or not. Be proactive, and get involved with your team members. Listen to them, and interact with them. This will ensure that all team players are on the same page.

Be in aware

Know what’s going on with your team members with regard to their productivity, and concerns, and address any issues that arise.

Be in control

Oversee each task, and compensate when issues arise.

Build up your team

Motivate your team along the way. Recognize their achievements and reward them. Provide positive feedback. Recognize their strengths, and challenge their weaknesses.

Finalize the project

Review all aspects of the project, and ensure that each one has been completed to the specifics of the project plan before calling the project a success. File all documentation relevant to the project for future reference should the need arise.


Don’t forget to celebrate the successful outcome of the project! A lot of time, energy and dedication went into making the project a success. Have a team celebration such as a group luncheon, or a night out. Make sure every team member knows that you appreciate their contributions to the project.

As a blogger Trudi Buck writes about how to pursue a Master`s in Project Management.