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Can You Still Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing?

These days more and more people are turning to making money online for a living. This is for many reasons such as the current economical climate but also the fact that the internet has finally made this opportunity a reality for many people. Most dream everyday about quitting the 9-5 and leaving their annoying boss and colleagues behind and now there are many chances to do just that. One main way people make money online is via affiliate marketing.

When you are doing affiliate marketing you are basically selling a product for someone else and taking a commission in the process. These products can include almost anything that is sold online from digital products to physical ones too. The commission rates can vary depending on the type of program that you use. It’s not unheard of to receive a commission rate of up to 75% on certain products.

The main way you get people to buy product is by reviewing or promoting them on your website. You can write a short review or sales pitch along with your personalized link which the user will have to click for the sale to be assigned to you. The best thing about doing this online is the way you can scale up your operation so easily. If you have one website reviewing a certain item there is nothing stopping you from adding another 50 pages to that site promoting other similar products. You could even start another ten websites selling other products too and simply take in the commission checks each month.

The thing that most people love about this business model is that you can normally work on a site for a certain amount of time and then leave it for several months while you work on something else and still make money! They will work on auto-pilot making you cash for a long time to come and that is why affiliate marketing is so popular.

Ideas on Targeted Leads

There are many ways to find a steady source of leads.  The challenge is to find them on your own.  When a business discover a good lead source, especially local business they are not local to reveal this information.  In fact studies show that business owners are very tight lipped and often claim there leads are from other sources when asked how they generate leads.  So get involved and be prepared to spend money on trial and error.

If you are new to lead generation and targeted leads, then you will soon learn that this process of targeted leads is an ongoing journey. Its always changing and those who are on the leading edge will have the most to gain.  creativity and some luck are key ingredients to lead generation.  Find out who is getting the result you want and learn what it is they do.  Some lead generation company do share information about other clients and how the client is generating the leads.  This would be a wealth of great info if such sources can be found and the information is accurate.

Below are a few Ideas that will help put you on the path to good leads.

Get out there and visible. Attend functions and get out and meet face to face with people.  These opportunities are listed in your local paper and are filled with like minded people who are after the same thins as you are.  Seminars, trade shows, luncheons, grand opening are some of the more common events.

Word of mouth and Viral Marketing.  Its often said that this is truly the best form of advertising. It can sometimes be more successful than a direct referral. There is however an art and a science to this type of lead generation.

Contact your local chamber of Commerce. The Chamber will have a great deal of business to business leads in the local region and they are all able to be contacted online.  This approach is cheap way to get started.

Telemarketing.  Cold calling is a numbers game.  And when used properly likely the highest in overall potential.  Using good lists is the key here.  You will need to decide if its better to drill down and get targeted list of use broad list and filter leads your self.  Paying more for more targeted list would be my suggestion as long as the costs for these leads justify themselves in the number of conversions.  But it often that buying cheap leads and finding a way to filter them to get to the hot leads could save a bundle of money.  Every scenario has its own quirks about them.  Simply using the phone can generate a load of great leads for you and your business.