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An Online Business Verses An Offline Business


People go onto the Internet everyday trying to find out how to make money. A lot more people are doing that now than they were several years ago because the economy is so bad.

Most of them have no idea what to do or where to go and they surf for days, months, even years trying to figure things out. There is so much material online about making money online that it is terribly confusing to most folks. A very high percentage of them never end up making a dime and just quite.

A few of these people though, have some good money making ideas and they know that they can use the Internet to make money. For them, it’s just a matter of figuring out what they need to do to set their idea in motion.

The great thing about the Internet is that you can start lots of businesses on it and become quite successful without much risk. It is easy and cheap to set up websites that sell your service or product and if you can learn how to get customers to your website, you will have a legitimate business. Brick and mortar businesses have to deal with all the expenses associated with rent, salaries, insurance, setting up the workplace, and so much more. But an Internet site has none of those costs and is therefore wonderfully cheap to set up.

People who have websites as hobbies sometimes find out that they can make money from them if they get enough traffic. This is something that is new to most people and has come about from the fact that many companies are now advertising online. If you have a website that can capture some of those advertising dollars then you have developed a second source of income.

Online businesses still take work just like the offline kind do but the work is different. There is a lot to learn to figure out how to keep things running smoothly and you always have to have visitors coming to your site. Once you learn the ropes though, an online business is just like an offline business in that the harder you work and the more time you devote to it, the greater your chances of seeing profits.

Including Publicity in Trade Show Marketing


A well-designed trade show exhibit and a well-executed trade show marketing plan can help your company attract positive media coverage, even with the strong competition from the many other exhibitors at the event.  Stay in contact with trade show organizers throughout the year; they engage in promotional activities that involve the media on an ongoing basis.  This will open opportunities to get your company or products included in newsletters and press releases that are distributed by the organizer on a regular basis.

Three months before the show, contact the organizers public relations department and offer to assist with publicity activities.  Offer to contribute industry information, research and expert interviews to help the organizer publicize the show and create media interest.

Have your press kit prepared one month before the event and make sure it includes a company overview and key information about your products and services, a company fact sheet and time line, performance reports and recent news articles and coverage.  Also include executive biographies with photographs and any other marketing materials that will help reporters gain understanding of your market position and competitive differences.  Make arrangements to have your press kit placed in the media room at the event and keep some extra copies in your trade show display area.

A few weeks before the show, begin your own promotions and publicity efforts by contacting important trade and area reporters that are likely to cover the event, as well as media representatives that are pre-registered for the show.  For the press to be interested you must have newsworthy information to share such as new product information or research findings on the latest industry trends. Provide reporters with your media kit, a press release covering your news and offer to serve as a media source at the event.  If you have a significant news announcement to make, consider scheduling a press conference during the event and personally inviting key media to attend.

Designate a single contact person within your organization for all media inquiries and interviews; this person should be a senior level representative from your company.  Also, be prepared for the unexpected by making sure your trade show staff is well versed in communicating your company message and prepared for possible questions that may arise unexpectedly from the media and prospects.

Marketing Your Grand Opening Ceremony


Starting a business is an exciting adventure and one of the highlights of this adventure is the grand opening ceremony. This ceremony is much more about establishing relationships with people in your community than just celebrating that you’ve opened for business by cutting through a ribbon with a pair of ribbon cutting scissors. Businesses employ various tactics to try and win people over, including offering free samples of their products to prospective customers on opening day or pampering them with food and what not to leave a long-lasting impression in their minds. This is all fine and dandy, but before you start trying to lure in potential customers, you need to worry about actually getting people to your grand opening ceremony.

In the past, the extent of marketing this sort of event demanded didn’t extend beyond word-of-mouth advertising and print advertising in the form of flyers. While this is an effective and cost-oriented approach, you’re missing out on a large number of guests by not exploring other advertising mediums. For instance, the online advertising market has taken off in recent years. The technology has become so advanced that advertisers can target customers from within their own locale. Such targeted advertising is exactly what your event needs. However, you need to walk before you can run, so let’s focus on the basics. Set aside all other tasks, such as searching for where to rent grand opening ceremony scissors aside until your marketing efforts are fully underway.

Flyers can be extremely helpful in attracting guests to your grand opening, but at the same time can be a detriment to your business. Part of the problem lies in the fact that business owners consider flyers to be a supplemental form of advertising, when in fact they can be the cornerstone of your marketing campaign if used effectively. Thus, they aren’t particularly concerned with design quality and whatnot. Don’t fall victim to this sort of mindset. A poorly designed flyer that uses plain text as opposed to your company logo and features images from a clipart gallery can be very off-putting. Invest some money to have a professional firm design the thing, and print it in color and on some glossy paper to demand some attention. You can post these flyers around the neighborhood and talk to existing business owners to have them put up in their own establishments.

If you repeat this process for at least a few weeks, you are bound to spur some word-of-mouth advertising about your neighborhood. You should recruit some friends and family members from the get-go to start spreading word about your opening.

When it comes to online advertising, call your local newspaper and ask about what sort of advertising rates they charge. You already know exactly where their website traffic is coming from, so you can’t go wrong by posting an ad or two on their site. Again, make sure you secure the services of a designer to avoid giving your ads a cheap feel.