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Design a Family Reunion T Shirt


Design a Family Reunion T Shirt

Making the annual family reunion memorable is the goal of designing a t-shirt for the reunion and presenting one to everyone that attends. Having a t-shirt making party prior to the actual reunion will also help you in making the shirts without having to do everything yourself.

Use Microsoft Word or PowerPoint to create a clipart design that everyone likes. Include the family surname along with the location of the event and personalize the shirts with each individuals nick-name and some art that reflect their interests.

Purchase some t-shirt transfer paper at the local craft store. Make sure to purchase the correct paper for the color of shirts you will be transferring the designs to. Print your finalized design onto plain paper to make sure it is what you want. Then print the design onto the transfer paper.

No create the t-shirts by pressing the design onto the shirts using the transfer paper and an iron. Follow the directions on the transfer paper to make sure the final product is of good quality. You can write additional text on the shirts once the design is transferred, if you choose. And that is all. Make sure to have a good time seeing all your distant relatives this one time a year.

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