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Keep Customers Happy When Queuing With Point Of Sale Display Units


A queue can often bring out the worst in people and yet queuing is a fact of life in today’s busy and fast paced society. A queue can be found in many establishments, ranging from the bank to the post office and in many other places that many people frequent on a daily basis. For this reason, many people get frustrated with queue systems and the need to queue on such a frequent basis. Unfortunately, due to the current economic climate, many businesses have found that they have had to let people go, often making a large amount of employees redundant in order to continue making a profit and to avoid going bust. This in turn means that there is often not enough staff on at any one time to accommodate all of the customers that may require the services of a business, thus resulting in large queues in which customers have to wait. This can be very frustrating for the customer and may result in anger. This anger may in turn be directed at the member of staff who may be serving at a particular time, thus making the queuing experience unpleasant for both the customer and the staff working. This experience may become even more unpleasant when there is little or no order to the queue. In what ways may a business keep customers happy when queuing for a service? One way is through investing in point of sale display units.

Point of sale display units are in-store furnishings which not only help bring order and efficiency to a queuing system, they also help keep customers happy and distracted whilst queuing and they may also help generate an even greater profit for the business! Point of sale display units can be set up around a designated area for queuing. These units may display a product or an additional service that a business may offer. For instance, common items to include within point of sale display units are beauty products, confectionery, leaflets and information booklets or small items of interest and intrigue. These point of sale display units are usually set up around retractable barriers to show customers where to queue. There are many benefits for a business that may decide to invest in point of sale display units.

Point of sale display units make queuing more efficient and organized. When people see retractable barriers and point of sale display units, they automatically know how to queue and in which direction to queue in. People appreciate this level of organization and are thus happier to queue. Point of sale display units also distract the customers as they queue, making the queuing experience more enjoyable. A customer may also decide to buy additional items whilst queuing from the point of sale display units, thus generating a larger profit for the company or business. Frustration and anger are reduced, making queuing more enjoyable for both the customer and the staff providing a service!


This post was written by James Harper on behalf of Tensator. James writes on a number of subjects including business and retailing.


The Effective and Practical Outdoor Display Stand


Marketing efforts for businesses of all types can benefit from the use of portable displays. For maximizing the value of exposure for dollars spent, outdoor display stands provide professional advertising at a reasonable price.

Stands for professional displays outdoors are lightweight and portable, weighing between six to eighty pounds on average, depending on the style and material of the stand. A top seller is the retractable aluminum sign holder. This unit has a sturdy base, holds a telescoping adjustable aluminum pole, and a cartridge with the roll-out advertisement safely contained inside. The entire package fits into a shoulder bag for carrying to a trade show or festival.

Several types of banners can be used with the retractable unit, but the most common is a mid-weight pvc material ad with printed letters or graphics. The marketing message rolls out of the cassette cartridge, and attaches to the top rail, supported by the telescoping pole. Messages are printed on the display by silk screening or digital printing.

Even more ubiquitous than a roller banner, is the poster stand. For a simple, inexpensive way to attract customers, these stands fit perfectly outside a restaurant or hotel, sports event or retail store. Also made with light weight, rugged aluminum, these metal frames are attractive and professional.

Since the function of an outdoor stand is to remain outside, it is best to invest in superior quality from the start. Stands with weatherproof sign covers, heavy bases, and thick frame supports are at the upper end of the spectrum, but will last for years. For example, an outside display, with an eighty pound bottom to maintain stability, and a convenient locking door that swings open for access, expect to pay between $900 and $1200 dollars.

The business display can also be purchased with accessories such as pamphlet holders. A valuable feature, passersby can be stopped by the advertisement and reach down to take a pamphlet with the message home with them. Using outdoor display stands is a wise way to take advantage of passing traffic, and costs no more than a high profile magazine add for the year.