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Since When Does a T-Shirt Help the Environment?


Since When Does a T-Shirt Help the Environment?

With Earth Friendly Vista Print You Get Much More than Just a Cotton Shirt!

Vista Print finalized a land purchase in Jamaica this month that will house a brand new customer service facility which will cover approximately 90,000 square feet. That’s not all! Vista Print has endeavored to Jamaica so that they could provide a broad range of customer service ethnicity to their growing customer base. Whether you are ordering one of the incredibly inexpensive, high quality t-shirts or from the broad spectrum of office products, Vista Print has remained committed to customer service. This customer service warehouse has also been designed to be Earth friendly and Vista print has taken their profits in order to build a facility that has the environment at the forefront of their business plan.

Vista print offers customizable t-shirts and embroidery, as well as a large inventory of other professional or personal products that maximize their customers purchase power. With number one rated customer service and easy to use creation software customers from around the world are flocking to the web’s largest and most successful online personalization warehouse. Whether you are looking for that one special shirt or enough to outfit a growing business – Vista print has you and the environment covered.