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Giveaway coolers – promote tour business and keep your beer cool!


As we head into summmer, or those of us in the Northern Hemisphere do, my thoughts turn towards cold beers on the beach on a Saturday afternoon. Or, if you make your living from Internet Marketing, cold beers on a wi-fi enabled beach any day of the week. Problem is, how to keep those beers cold when the temparature reaches into the thirties?

Answer – a stubby cooler, or a koozie as the Aussies call them. Who else but the Aussies could put so much time and effort into keeping beer cool? Here in England its not usually a problem for two reasons – it never gets warm enough to need one, and they drink their beer warm anyway. Strange people. Anyway, for the rest of the world, you need stubby coolers (A stubby is what the Aussies call a small can of beer, by the way). Not only do they keep the beer cold enough to enjoy, but you can give them away to promote your business.

They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can always find a product to represent your business (or have one specially made), whether bright, brash and out-loud brilliant or quiet, subtle and sophisticated. Think how you’ll feel when you go to the beach and see all that promotion for your business – and people enjoying themselves with beers from your cooler.

Made of neoprene, the cooler provides excellent thermal insulation as well as a light, comfortable carrier for the beach. And it’s not just beer – oh no, for the Europeans amongst you they also come in wine bottle sizes. Don’t forget your corkscrew, though.

So, a summer begins to kick in, except in Britain, obviously, give some thought to the perfect summer promotion – the stubby cooler!

For more great marketing ideas, come to the Post Service where you can read more about giveaway coolers and many other exciting things.

Media Planning Agencies


Media Planning Agencies

Media planning agencies help their advertiser clients match their client’s target audience in each campaign with the appropriate media. By identifying the desired target audience (with client input), the agency then recommends media selections based on the profiles of the various available media while also evaluating the media in terms of cost. In smaller agencies, the media planner is often also the media buyer, but larger agencies will have a staff of buyers (usually grouped according to media channels).

Many of the challenges facing agencies today are the combined result of increasing use of integrated or multi-platform campaigns, coupled with the age-old issue of imprecise tools and measurement systems. This has often resulted in:

  • Apples being compared to oranges with each channel’s established currencies being difficult to compare across channels
  • Most of the media universe not even getting into the consideration set: if media vehicles are not the 200-300 largest media vehicles in their channel – those vehicles are typically not included in any syndicated market research hence difficult to consider for media buying and planning purposes
  • Qualitative vs quantitative performance metrics

Media Planning Agencies – Access your Data Quickly

The ANA and AAAA just released a survey indicating marketers could be doing a better job of planning media in an integrated manner. The headline in Adweek read “Integrated media plans face obstacle course. New survey shows agencies need more metrics, better grasp of Web.”

What if media planning agencies could access an integrated on-demand platform to be faster, smarter and more efficient?

Now they can. Welcome to the LogicLab Media Marketplace.

LogicLab gives media planners and buyers the unique ability to:

  1. Use the same advertiser proprietary metrics across an integrated campaign
  2. Consider a much larger universe of media vehicles, from an automated, on-demand platform for fast and easy access
  3. Quantitative, data-driven analytics for real performance metrics

You Really Can Make Money With Online GPT Sites


There seem to be hundreds of surveys for money sits on the Internet these days. People usually assume they are all scams because of the things they have heard about them. While there probably are some scams out there, the vast majority of them are real and legitimate.

CashCrate is one of the survey sites that is on the up and up. While you will not be able to make a full time living off this type of site, you can make a solid $50.00 to $200.00 a month there and even more if you learn how to make referrals.

Survey / GPT (get paid to) websites make their money by matching up advertisers to people who are willing to try products, take surveys, or sign up for things. Companies have advertising budgets and one of the ways they use that money is to pay for leads. Survey sites take a small cut of the money for being the middle man and they pass along the rest of the money to the person participating.

Usually the amounts you get paid are under $1.00 for signing op for things or taking surveys. You can do those for free but if you want to make more, there are always offers that pay more but require you to buy something. For instance, if you wanted to send flowers to your Mom on Mother’s Day, you you could buy the flowers through the GPT website and get a significant kickback of maybe even up to $10.00.

Learning how to make referrals is yet another legitimate way to make money with most survey sites. They will pay you a small amount for every person you bring to the site that signs up and does an offer. They get a new customer and in return for that they are willing to pay you a small finder’s fee.

In conclusion, contrary to what you hear, most online survey sites are legitimate and will pay you. People continue to call them a scam though, mostly because they have too high expectations.

How To Get More Email List Subscribers


One of the key concerns for someone starting out in email marketing is getting people to actually sign up for your list. The return on investment is terribly low for email lists that have been purchased or rented, so these are generally not worth your time at all. But it can be challenging figuring out how to get people to opt in to receive your mailings.

There are two basic ingredients that will help you to convert web site visitors (or offline customers) into opt-in mailing list subscribers. The first is value, and the second is ease.

With regard to value, you must make it clear to your visitors what they have to gain from joining your mailing list. Try to use language that focuses attention on the benefits of membership. For example, you might describe the type of useful information that can be expected as a regular part of your email marketing campaign, you might offer a specific bonus for signing up, or you might offer a desirable prize “for one lucky subscriber.”

The second issue you should take into account is the ease with which a new subscriber may sign up to your list. There should be a clearly visible sign-up form on every page of your website, and the form should not demand too much information. If you need extra information in order to make the mailing list more useful to them, it would be a good idea to explain how it will help the subscriber to provide that piece of information.

Once a web site visitor or a visitor to your brick and mortar business has been exposed to these two factors, they will likely sign up for your mailing list. Provided that the value you have offered is one that they find desirable, and you have made sign-up easy and accessible, there really is no reason why they would not sign up for your email list.

The Secret To A Successful Internet Business

We are living through the birth and expansion of one of the best business opportunities that has ever presented itself to anyone interested in making money with their own business.  One of the biggest questions that has always plagued business owners is how to reach potential customers in order to get them interested in the offered product or service.  The web has answered that question better than anything we have ever seen before.  You can now literally reach a potential customer base of over one and one half Billion people.  There has never been anything like it before.


So now you can get customers, but the real problem that remains for your internet business opportunities is what do you do with them now.  If you want to have a successful online business there is one thing you absolutely must do.  It has always been fundamental to commerce and it is still true today.  If you don’t do this one thing then your potential customers hit the back button and go to some other website.

You must solve a problem for your customers if you want to find success online.  People only buy things when they are trying to solve a problem.  Now, you may be saying, “What about luxury items or hobby items?”  It is the same thing.

Successful Internet Business
Successful Internet Business

Think of it like this.  Why do people get involved in a hobby?  It is because they are bored and want to spend their time doing something they enjoy.  The problem a hobby solves is boredom, and also loneliness if the hobby involves meeting others with the same passion.  This idea can also be applied to luxury items.  Most of them are really not that much better than a standard product but if there is a designer name on it people will pay through the nose.  Why?  This solves the need for self-worth.  If I can afford to pay more for a product that means I am winning at the game of life.

Do you want a successful internet business?  Then solve a problem for your customers.