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Introducing Badge Lanyard


A multinational corporation employs around four thousand employees at its catering service centre, which is connected to an international airport. The centre operations run all through the day and night and on all days during the year. The nature of the service being cooked and catering to flights, appropriate deliveries by the dot are the critical needs. Since the corporation employed labor and other workers on contract, they had out sourced the repairs to three different labor contract service companies who supplied people on an everyday basis and provides them lanyards.

When the centre security operations were renovated and new systems created, they put security system with badge lanyard identification for admission and exit so that automatically the people’s movements can be tracked and recorded. With trials and testing, the large day arrived when the system had to begin operations. Badge lanyard was particularly issued to all employees. This badge lanyard includes photo together with identification information of the employee with the contracting company details and on the reverse the best lanyards online contained magnetic strips, which can work as swipe cards.

On the day of the beginning of operations, people open up at all gates and doors and it took somewhat a while for all to swipe and get in causing a delay in operations which in turn affect deliveries and consequently departures of flight, this kind of started the idea behind the breakaway safety lanyards. The same chaos continued however the reason for delay was different. It so occurred that people begins misplacing their badge lanyards and cannot keep it in a safe and handy place.

Introduction of badge lanyards not only helped rate up the entry course, however was found to be extremely helpful for employees to secure their other items such as key chains, etc. This also gave them a sense of identity and the outcome could be seen in the fact that attrition lessened right away after the opening of badge lanyards by over three percent.