What Not to Do When Designing a Logo

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Most business owners know that a good logo is essential in creating a successful brand. Logos are the first and easiest way to convey a message to potential customers, but many businesses (both large and small) make certain mistakes in logo design. Here are some of the most common mistakes, as well as how to avoid them.

Going the DIY Route

If you’re serious about getting your message out, you should hire a professional designer to create your business logo. Many businesses spend thousands of dollars on inventory, equipment and other assets, but are reluctant to spend a bit of money on a logo that will be on promotional gifts, marketing materials, a company website, and other forms of media. Some business owners attempt to design their own logo, or ask a friend or family member to do the work for them. Others outsource the work to their sign or printing company; while this may seem OK, these companies don’t normally take the same level of time and care that a professional designer would. By hiring a pro, your logo will be memorable and appealing, and it will serve your company for many years.

Using Raster Images

In many cases, logos are designed in a vector application like Adobe Illustrator. Vector graphics are enlargeable to any size, while still retaining a crispness in artwork and typeface. On the other hand, bitmap (raster) images are like digital photos; they can only be enlarged so much before they become fuzzy and pixelated. Raster logos have a place, such as on newsletters and websites, but for marketing materials and promotional gifts, make sure you use images in a vector format.


Musil-Logos (Photo credit: konsument)

Using Too-Complex Images

Many business owners think their company logo should tell customers about everything they do, in the most literal of senses. Logos were never intended for that purpose! Think of simple-but-iconic logos (such as that of Nike). The most recognizable logos aren’t cluttered, and are easily readable in small sizes.

Being Too Trendy

We all know that trends are here today, and gone tomorrow, but you don’t want that in your logo; you want it to stand the test of time. When a style becomes so popular that it’s seen everywhere, it becomes passé very quickly; choose design elements based on principles that are tried-and-true for the best results.

Being Inconsistent

This is one of the biggest mistakes that companies make. If different departments produce different materials (such as branded carrier bags), they may use different fonts or other design elements, meaning that there may be multiple versions of your logo out there. When your logo isn’t consistent, your message won’t get through, and when it’s not professional, your business is perceived the same way.

A business logo is a lot more than just a representation of what a company has to offer; it is usually the first impression customers get. By avoiding common mistakes and choosing a professional design company, you’ll ensure that your first impression is a good one.

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