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The Comfortable and Versatile Design of Nike ACG Hoodies


The Nike ACG Hoodies are available in a few different styles that can be worn by both men and women. Nike is a name well known for their fine line of apparel items and this hoodie is in keeping with the high quality this company makes. The more popular styles among the younger generation include their line of hoodies that are known as the Shagmaster style. This men’s hoodie has a full zip front and fleece lined kangaroo pockets with an extra side pocket that zips. The Shagmaster style is made out of one hundred percent cotton, which means it will be very comfortable to wear.

The ACG is also available in a style known as Rockface. This particular style comes with a screen printed emblem on the chest and an embroidered logo on the arm. This hoodie has a half zipper front and includes ribbed cuffs on the sleeves. The Rockface and Shagmaster are both perfect hoodies to wear for outdoor activities, because the cotton fleece inside will keep you warm and toasty even on chilly nights. They are the perfect outdoor accessory to wear with casual jeans or semi-formal khakis.

In the women’s line of ACG tops you will find the Mada hoodie. This soft and comfortable top is available in several stylish colors that appeal to a women’s fashion sense. You can choose a soft rose color or a traditional black or white style. The versatile design of these hoodies for women make them perfect for young women as well as older women. It can be worn with pants, shorts or a casual skirt. The Mada hoodie has a full front zipper and an easy to tie drawstring cord on the hood. This means you not only will be warm, comfortable and stylish, your hair can also be kept in place even on the windiest days.

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