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When it comes to swimming in the sea or swimming pool, men have three main choices of swim shorts. They can use briefs, trunks or board shorts. A swim brief is the shortest in length compared to the other types of swimwear. It looks more of a men’s normal underwear in size and shape. If you are shy to expose your body to the scrutiny of others, then, think twice before buying a swim brief.

Wearing this type of shorts leaves nothing much to the imagination. It is common for divers to use this type of swimwear. People who are involved in swimming and diving competitions usually use swim briefs as well. Swim trunks are longer in length compared to swim briefs. They look like a pair of normal shorts. The key difference between a pair of common shorts and swim trunks is the lining of the shorts.

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Trunks have a special lining so that they are protected from the sea’s salt water or swimming pool’s chlorine water. Many lifesavers tend to use to a pair of trunks. In the case of board shorts, they happen to be the longest in length among all the three types of swimwear.

You can use one inside the water and outside the water if you wish. Normally, they are sold in various colors of floral or eye-catching designs, which make them suitable outside the water. Nowadays, even women wear these shorts. People who love to surf normally wear these shorts mainly due to their length and design.

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To summarize, there are three types of men’s swim shorts. If you are planning to buy a swimwear for yourself or any other person, consider aspects such as purpose and comfort. For example, some people may feel comfortable in a snug fitting brief while others may not.

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