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Stylish Nurse Uniforms from Cherokee Apparel


The scrub suit was introduced in the 1990s as an alternative to the traditional nurse uniform. This affected female nurses in particular, whose traditional uniform consisted of a dress, an apron and a cap. Scrubs are more comfortable and easier to clean, making it more preferable for some nurses. This type of uniform includes the scrubs, shoes or clogs, and a type of diagnostic equipment, e.g. a stethoscope.

Male and female nurses will be glad to know that Cherokee, one of the most fashionable and popular manufacturers of health care uniforms, offers many collections of scrub tops, scrub pants and footwear to complete their uniform. The brand is popular for selling comfortable and stylish scrubs which are available in a wide range of sizes, colors and designs.

Collections made specifically for male and female nurses are available. For women, the most popular collections are the Betty Boop, Black Flexibles and the Serenity collections. The Med Man collection is recommended for male nurses. Cherokee also offers specialized collections such as Team Scrubs and Tooniforms for sports and cartoons fans who wish to show off their hobbies with their scrubs.

Different kinds of Cherokee footwear are also available to match your scrubs. Cherokee’s Rockers collection includes shoes and clogs in different styles and colors. Footwear designs include trainers, t-straps, oxfords, slip-ons and athletic-style footwear. They are also available in standard colors of white, blue and black. Socks are also available. For women, Cherokee offers support sheer hosieries in both knee-high and pantyhose styles.

Aside from comfort and style offered by Cherokee uniforms, they are also very affordable. Scrubs can cost as low as $3. The average cost of Cherokee scrubs is around $15 to $18, while footwear typically costs around $35 to $40.

While these are reasonable prices, you can still get a cheaper bargain for Cherokee products in many ways. For instance, many online retail stores offer discounted Cherokee scrubs and uniforms. You can also wait for clearance, seasonal or year-end sales in stores that carry the brand. Another way is to look for discount or promotional coupons in magazines and from Cherokee retailers. Finally, you can buy the uniforms in bulk. Hospitals often set a particular uniform code for long durations, which is an ideal situation for wholesale buying. You can get discounts from retailers with these wholesale purchases.

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Swim Shorts Related Information

When it comes to swimming in the sea or swimming pool, men have three main choices of swim shorts. They can use briefs, trunks or board shorts. A swim brief is the shortest in length compared to the other types of swimwear. It looks more of a men’s normal underwear in size and shape. If you are shy to expose your body to the scrutiny of others, then, think twice before buying a swim brief.


Wearing this type of shorts leaves nothing much to the imagination. It is common for divers to use this type of swimwear. People who are involved in swimming and diving competitions usually use swim briefs as well. Swim trunks are longer in length compared to swim briefs. They look like a pair of normal shorts. The key difference between a pair of common shorts and swim trunks is the lining of the shorts.

Trunks have a special lining so that they are protected from the sea’s salt water or swimming pool’s chlorine water. Many lifesavers tend to use to a pair of trunks. In the case of board shorts, they happen to be the longest in length among all the three types of swimwear.

You can use one inside the water and outside the water if you wish. Normally, they are sold in various colors of floral or eye-catching designs, which make them suitable outside the water. Nowadays, even women wear these shorts. People who love to surf normally wear these shorts mainly due to their length and design.

To summarize, there are three types of men’s swim shorts. If you are planning to buy a swimwear for yourself or any other person, consider aspects such as purpose and comfort. For example, some people may feel comfortable in a snug fitting brief while others may not.

An Online Business Verses An Offline Business


People go onto the Internet everyday trying to find out how to make money. A lot more people are doing that now than they were several years ago because the economy is so bad.

Most of them have no idea what to do or where to go and they surf for days, months, even years trying to figure things out. There is so much material online about making money online that it is terribly confusing to most folks. A very high percentage of them never end up making a dime and just quite.

A few of these people though, have some good money making ideas and they know that they can use the Internet to make money. For them, it’s just a matter of figuring out what they need to do to set their idea in motion.

The great thing about the Internet is that you can start lots of businesses on it and become quite successful without much risk. It is easy and cheap to set up websites that sell your service or product and if you can learn how to get customers to your website, you will have a legitimate business. Brick and mortar businesses have to deal with all the expenses associated with rent, salaries, insurance, setting up the workplace, and so much more. But an Internet site has none of those costs and is therefore wonderfully cheap to set up.

People who have websites as hobbies sometimes find out that they can make money from them if they get enough traffic. This is something that is new to most people and has come about from the fact that many companies are now advertising online. If you have a website that can capture some of those advertising dollars then you have developed a second source of income.

Online businesses still take work just like the offline kind do but the work is different. There is a lot to learn to figure out how to keep things running smoothly and you always have to have visitors coming to your site. Once you learn the ropes though, an online business is just like an offline business in that the harder you work and the more time you devote to it, the greater your chances of seeing profits.