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The Usefullness of 4×6 Envelopes


With the rising use of e-mail and other such electronic services you may think that the need for stamps, envelopes and other standard stationery items may be on the decline. On the contrary, these items are still in use everyday and businesses still rely on them for their day-to-day correspondence. One of the most overlooked items in this category is the 4 x 6 envelope. Envelopes are paper product that everyone should have in their home at all times. Many of the bills that come to our homes are mailed in 4 x 6 envelopes and they are still in use everyday by various companies and businesses.

There was a time when purchasing a 4×6 envelope was difficult, they only came with the greeting cards that fit into them. You would have to search stores to find the right size envelope if you were making or designing your own greeting cards. This is no longer a problem, you can find 4×6 envelopes in many different styles, colors and types of paper. Many people do not like purchasing envelopes because they are not fond of having to lick the gummy substance to seal the envelope. Well you no longer have to be concerned with this, there are now self sealing envelopes that you simply remove the backing tape from the sealing area, press down firmly and presto your envelope is sealed!

You can purchase these envelopes in various colors so that they will stand out and get attention. It is not uncommon to see these envelopes in neon pink, lime green or an eye-catching red. There is no doubt that when you are sorting through your mail, envelopes of this type are sure to stand out and get your attention. They are excellent for mailing pictures to various members of your family as well as to friends. Most photographs are printed in 3×5 or 4×6 prints making a 4×6 envelope perfect for mailing photographs of these sizes. To protect your photographs you can insert small pieces of cardboard in the envelope to keep them from bending.

These often overlooked envelopes are necessary items to add to your home office for keeping in touch with family and friends. You can stuff them with greeting cards, birthday and wedding invitations or any other occasion that you see fit. If you’re not sure where to purchase 4×6 envelope from you can do a search on the internet in your local area for office supply information. From here you will see the various companies and stores that sell this product. If you own a business and you use this product on a regular basis you will get the best deal if you buy them in bulk. By doing this you will always have them on hand and the price that you pay will benefit you in the long run.

Mixing Fun And Learning With Business Games


Educational online business games help children of all ages learn about the nuts and bolts of running real businesses. Just as generations before them learned about things like business competition and managing money from relatively simple board games like Monopoly, kids today have a lot to gain by being exposed to entrepreneurship from today’s games. Naturally, no matter how many games one plays as a child financial, success is by no means assured for the businessmen and women of tomorrow. But at least giving kids a notion of managing businesses helps them define where their interests and aptitudes might lie.

Tycoon games are a popular category of business games, and if you play one with your kids you just might find yourself as wrapped up in it as they are. Games today tend to be much more comprehensive in their simulation of actual business challenges, and naturally this makes for more immersive and engaging gaming experiences. Even for younger children lemonade stand games are quite valuable in helping them learn basic math skills and the concept of profit and loss.

Restaurant games are another simulated business game that can have real application for young people later in their lives. Having even virtual experience of running a restaurant online or within a video game context can give them an idea if restaurant work is something just to help them through college or if it might be a possible vocation.

As easy as it is nowadays to find a wide array of fun business games to keep your children busy and also learning for hours, any parent should feel tempted to encourage their children to gravitate towards these games. Activities like this make it hard to distinguish between playing a game and having a learning experience. And naturally, even if becoming a business owner is not in the cards for your son or daughter, they at least will be able to make a more informed decision as they choose a major in college and begin to think about the world of work.

Get your Business off the Ground with Some Promotional Tools


If you are a business owner, you know how important it is to promote your merchandise or service to the public. One way to show what you have to offer is by participating in trade show events. These are generally held in a large arena or field area where you can set up a booth to showcase what type of service or product you have. If you work in the field of cosmetology or hair care, you can use a cosmetology mannequin head to display various hair styles or makeup looks your salon creates.

By placing these heads on display in a large arena, you will attract the attention of lots of people who pass by your booth. You could also set up a chair and table to give free makeover samples to anyone who might be interested. Giving away free stuff is a great way to help promote a business. You will want to have plenty of business cards available to hand out to potential customers. There are also other small items you can get imprinted with your company name and logo to hand out as free promotional items.

Many companies use pens, pencils and even umbrellas as promotional products that have been imprinted with their business name and address. Giving people something they would actually use, helps reinforce your service every time they use their free pen. Another way to draw attention to your particular business is to use event banners. These can be used in conjunction with a fair or as a special event in your store window. There are also banner stands available that can be set on a sidewalk outside your store area. You want to choose colors and lettering that will grab the attention of people that are in the area.

For a salon business, you could also place your heads with hairstyles on them, in the window of your shop to draw attention to your services. People are more inclined to use a service if they can see what the results will be ahead of time. Most banners, stands and promotional items can be rented for a small fee, so you dont need to pay a lot of money to bring in new clients. Handing out coupons at a business event is also a good way to bring new customers into your salon. Owning a business is a big responsibility that can also be rewarding when you generate the kind of customer base you want.