Daily Archives: August 31, 2010

Using Acrylic Display Cases – Why They are Better!


Today’s technology is bringing a lot of changes to the way people live and work. With this comes also the change on most of what people use with the materials they prefer when it comes to their display cases. In this article, we are going to be discussing about some important reasons as to why you should start using acrylic display cases and say goodbye to those old wood and glass display cases.

There are a number of reasons that can be shared here and more to be shared by your own personal experience of using them. Let us start with why shift to acrylic. Acrylic display cases have been built using clear and synthetic plastic-like materials. This way, recycled non-biodegradable waste can be used in another form and we can even help save the world. These acrylic displays are more used and demanded by different people as they find them more convenient to use and have. Aside from the materials where they are made of, these display cases are more durable compared to the ones made from glass. When acrylic display boxes or acrylic display cases break, they will not be leaving any dangerous, harmful, and sharp fragments around not like the ones left when a glass display box is shattered. Instead, display boxes and cases made from acrylic when broken forms larger pieces that are easy to pick up and clean. The edges of acrylic display boxes and cases are also rounded so they will not impose any danger to children around. They can also be cut and shaped easily as wood so customizing them will be easier and they can easily fit and can come in many different sizes and shapes.

There is also no need to worry anymore about your clear acrylic displays turning yellow after some time of being exposed to sunlight as technology has found a way to solve this already. Some acrylic displays are treated with a special UV ray so they do not turn yellow or change color. Others are also treated with flame so they can have a smooth and clear glass-like appearance.

With all the reasons stated above, it is already clear that acrylic display cases have more edge than the ones made from glass and wood. It is now then up to you to choose which ones to use.