Daily Archives: August 25, 2010

Advertisment Using Coffee Mugs


Coffee cups are of great assistance to night shift workers who need to be up and about all through the night, and work for their clients. As the trend towards working night shifts increased, there has been increased usage of coffee cups. Besides, they are consumed in large amounts as the business progresses. Owing to this, coffee mugs are currently available in assortments of styles. The concept of promotional cups has evolved from the fact that newspaper and billboard advertisements have turned expensive and hence completely unsuitable for businesses with low budgets. However, the coffee cup (much like the cup holder) is a dream come true since they are very economical and serve to be better means to enhance the business value.

Personalized or custom made cups are powerful tools to increase company exposure. It is a known fact that the products with greater visibility can increase the chances for new leads to the sales team. Moreover, you need not keep sacrificing large chunks of money in promotional work owing to the unchanging reminders that these cups are capable of. The large printing spaces in cups are sufficient to easily print the company’s name or logo. They also serve to be a practical approach, since they can be employed in any technique depending upon your requirements.

Easy portability is another factor which enhances the value of these cups in increasing the client base in comparison to all other mediums of advertising. The universal cup holder makes it possible to take any coffee mug wherever you want. Your company’s exposure increases as long as your stakeholders use these cups in their day to day lives. If you are in luck, your suppliers can alter the designs with accord to your advertising goal. Though this involves a nominal investment, it is less compared to others and also is capable of promoting better than expected. The remaining budget can also be employed in other important business aspects.