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Five Ways to Order Business Cards


One of the best ways to network with other business people is at an event is exchanging business cards. Yes, there may be an opportunity to pull out a card at wedding or other events. Therefore, it is a good idea to have them on hand at all times. Business people obtain their cards from different sources. Corporations may order them for management and sales level employees from the catalog where they order other supplies. Self employed individuals and small business owners have that responsibility for themselves.

Many online businesses offer promotions on a regular basis. They produce embossed business cards and other types of unique business cards.

One of the more popular ones is Vista Print where you can either purchase standard, premium, or custom designed cards. They offer a chance at a 250 count for $19.90. Some promotions offer a certain number of free cards with the understanding that the customer pays shipping and handling fees. There are other ways to order business cards as well.

Everyone is not fond of ordering online just yet. They do not trust ordering outside the local area where they have less control over the process, or the outcome should there be a problem with the order. Office supply stores may be the best option for these types. They are able to sit face to face with the store representative and place the order, see the template, and the monitor the process along the way.

A print shop like Kinko’s specializes in this type of work. Special orders such as embossed lettering or something involving several colors of ink will be in qualified hands at a print shop. For people on the move, the telephone is still a popular invention. In summary:

  1. Catalog
  2. Online
  3. Office Supply Store
  4. Print Shop
  5. Telephone

These are all adequate ways of obtaining a business card that will represent what the business has to offer.