How Using a Laptop Cover can be part of your Portfolio


If you’re a self employed designer, artist or illustrator you’ll probably be attending interviews and client meetings on a regular basis. As part of this process you’ll almost certainly be bringing your portfolio along to the interview in order to showcase your work. It’s much easier to display your work as an electronic version on your laptop rather than a traditional portfolio and using laptop covers can be a great way to make your work stand out and ensure the client remembers you.

Laptop covers are vinyl stickers that are applied to the casing of your laptop to change the appearance. They come in all sorts of designs from fine art to abstract patterns. Popular contemporary artists have seen the potential of laptop skins to promote their work by releasing exclusive limited edition designs and you can do the same thing with your work.

The first step is to find a company that produces custom laptop covers. There are several on the internet that all have a similar process for uploading your design and printing the skin. There is often a discount for ordering several covers at one time, so try a few of your designs so you can use the one that has come through the printing process the best. You could also try ordering in bulk so that you have spares to give away as gifts as a kind of unique alternative to a business card.

Using your own design on your laptop in an interview situation makes a great talking point and shows that your work can be used in real life commercial applications. You could also give away your custom designed laptop skins as a promotional gift – this is sure to make clients remember you and your work. Be sure to include your website or email address on the skin.

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