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All outside sales reps know how lonely and depressing it can get out in the field.  Unlike an inside sales job where you are surrounded by colleagues who are going through what you are going through, in the world of outside sales jobs, you are often on your own.

And in those moments, it can be incredibly difficult to find motivation for what you are doing and that could potentially hurt your income.  As an added hazard, you don’t have the accountability of a manager that is near you.  If you are lucky, you will have a sales manager who requires you to call in everyday and report your sales day.  But many outside sales jobs don’t have this type of structure, and that can be very dangerous.

Being on commission provides a lot of motivation, but that human component is still every present.  And every sales rep, even an independent sales rep on 100% understand the power of this.  So what can you do to stay motivated while on the field?  Here is one simple thing that you can do to exponentially increase your motivational level.

First of all, find some motivational talks on CD or podcast.  This is hugely important.  Often these days, you can easily download a free podcast by your favorite motivational speaker.  Whether it’s a guru like Tony Robbins or a sales expert like Zig Ziglar, you should find a hero and get their podcast.

This does several things for you.  First, you get that human connection and encouragement.  No, it’s not as good as a real human being.  But it’s much better than nothing.

Secondly, you learn while you work.  So many sales reps spend so much time on the road or on planes and hotel rooms doing nothing.  Or wasting their time on watching TV or listening to music.  If you listen to informative and motivational talks, it will enhance you as a person and help you develop as a sales rep.

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    listening to motivational cds is always a great way of staying in the game

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