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The top home business leads are best given by fellow work at homers and advertising on content based sites. Networking is the key to increasing your customer base and forums like can help you either boost your existing clientele, or create one from scratch. Blogs can help you in indirect ways as well, raising the consumers awareness from a different point of view.

There are thousands of people who refer to themselves as ‘WAHM’s or WAHD’s,’ simply put they are the Work-at-home-moms / dads and while a lot of businesses write them off as small-time, it’s quite the contrary. They swap ideas, fresh job leads, suggestions for business sales, the works, and they do this on forums. and are communities of business entrepreneurs, independent contractors, employees working from home, and those looking to break into the businesses. It’s always best to include forums such as these because although they are all wanting opportunities, the fact remains everyone still has needs and your business could easily be the one to fill the gap.

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The average consumer confesses they found a great deal while actually searching for something else. For example, your Sunday paper says Walgreens has your favorite razor on sale, however, on your way there, you notice the local gas station is having a 2-hour only sale $.10/gallon off of gas. You weren’t looking for this deal, but it popped out at you, so you of course you took advantage of this and now you have just found a deal you didn’t intend on getting. This is an example of how a wise business would use forums of home-based workers and businesses to fund their own home business.

Content based blogs and sites vying for a cause are all opportunities for your advertising needs. Imagine an article titled “Child deaths caused by toys: Harmful affects of lead paint and the manufacturers who create them.” This article is a hot topic and would definitely attract a lot of readers, especially moms. Now, say your business is selling ‘Discover Toys.’ On this article you would advertise “Lead Free Toys, improvement motor skills and mental awareness, the natural way.” Or assume your business is selling dresses. You would place an ad stating “Stain Resistant, No-Iron, Floral Dresses.”

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The point is, you need to think outside the normal parameters of advertising. Don’t assume you can only advertise on like minded sites. You must recognize the Pro’s in placing ads on completely opposite sites as well. Find the blogs that coincide with your business and then find it’s exact opposite, and after that, find those which match the unseen elements of your business. Know your business and understand there are never any limits.

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    Some great info about here about networking. We work at home types have to stick together.
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    wow..great advices..need to follow this to have success..
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