Media Planning Agencies


Media Planning Agencies

Media planning agencies help their advertiser clients match their client’s target audience in each campaign with the appropriate media. By identifying the desired target audience (with client input), the agency then recommends media selections based on the profiles of the various available media while also evaluating the media in terms of cost. In smaller agencies, the media planner is often also the media buyer, but larger agencies will have a staff of buyers (usually grouped according to media channels).

Many of the challenges facing agencies today are the combined result of increasing use of integrated or multi-platform campaigns, coupled with the age-old issue of imprecise tools and measurement systems. This has often resulted in:

  • Apples being compared to oranges with each channel’s established currencies being difficult to compare across channels
  • Most of the media universe not even getting into the consideration set: if media vehicles are not the 200-300 largest media vehicles in their channel – those vehicles are typically not included in any syndicated market research hence difficult to consider for media buying and planning purposes
  • Qualitative vs quantitative performance metrics

Media Planning Agencies – Access your Data Quickly

The ANA and AAAA just released a survey indicating marketers could be doing a better job of planning media in an integrated manner. The headline in Adweek read “Integrated media plans face obstacle course. New survey shows agencies need more metrics, better grasp of Web.”

What if media planning agencies could access an integrated on-demand platform to be faster, smarter and more efficient?

Now they can. Welcome to the LogicLab Media Marketplace.

LogicLab gives media planners and buyers the unique ability to:

  1. Use the same advertiser proprietary metrics across an integrated campaign
  2. Consider a much larger universe of media vehicles, from an automated, on-demand platform for fast and easy access
  3. Quantitative, data-driven analytics for real performance metrics
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