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Some Powerful Marketing Ideas for Small Business


Understanding the customer’s needs and coming up with a plan that responds to their needs is the main essence of marketing. It is a fact that anybody who owns a business would wish to expand their business. Expansion and growth of business is most achieved by focusing on organic growth. Such growth can be achieved through acquiring more customers, convince each of the clients to purchase more profitable products or services, convincing the customers to purchase more products or services or convincing them to buy pricier products.

Usually, cheap small business ideas have limited marketing budgets, some do not even have any. But this should not mean these start up businesses can not match with the big ones. This only means that small businesses should think a little more creatively. Here are some of the powerful marketing ideas for small business:

  1. On a postcard, print your best advertisement and sent it to prospect in your projected market. Remember that people would only tend to read the ad on each postcard when the message is short but concise.
  2. Rotate different marketing schemes regularly and differ your approach. This is because no single marketing tactic would work all the time for every single business.
  3. Send mail outs by enclosing your flyers, brochures and other print outs in all your outgoing mail. This is especially beneficial in promoting your business without the added cost.
  4. Host seminars or open house. Holding events such as these would be a best way to gain face with important costumers and the prospective markets in general. This could also mean getting your company’s name circulating.
  5. You may use stamps, stickers and handwritten notes on all of your direct mail efforts. You can also do these in your day-to-day business mail. It’s like having the impact of a miniature billboard as people would tend to read it first, but remember to make it brief and straight to the point.

The Effective and Practical Outdoor Display Stand


Marketing efforts for businesses of all types can benefit from the use of portable displays. For maximizing the value of exposure for dollars spent, outdoor display stands provide professional advertising at a reasonable price.

Stands for professional displays outdoors are lightweight and portable, weighing between six to eighty pounds on average, depending on the style and material of the stand. A top seller is the retractable aluminum sign holder. This unit has a sturdy base, holds a telescoping adjustable aluminum pole, and a cartridge with the roll-out advertisement safely contained inside. The entire package fits into a shoulder bag for carrying to a trade show or festival.

Several types of banners can be used with the retractable unit, but the most common is a mid-weight pvc material ad with printed letters or graphics. The marketing message rolls out of the cassette cartridge, and attaches to the top rail, supported by the telescoping pole. Messages are printed on the display by silk screening or digital printing.

Even more ubiquitous than a roller banner, is the poster stand. For a simple, inexpensive way to attract customers, these stands fit perfectly outside a restaurant or hotel, sports event or retail store. Also made with light weight, rugged aluminum, these metal frames are attractive and professional.

Since the function of an outdoor stand is to remain outside, it is best to invest in superior quality from the start. Stands with weatherproof sign covers, heavy bases, and thick frame supports are at the upper end of the spectrum, but will last for years. For example, an outside display, with an eighty pound bottom to maintain stability, and a convenient locking door that swings open for access, expect to pay between $900 and $1200 dollars.

The business display can also be purchased with accessories such as pamphlet holders. A valuable feature, passersby can be stopped by the advertisement and reach down to take a pamphlet with the message home with them. Using outdoor display stands is a wise way to take advantage of passing traffic, and costs no more than a high profile magazine add for the year.