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Carolina Panthers Superbowl T-shirts

GLENDALE, AZ – SEPTEMBER 11: Center Ryan Kalil #67 (C) of the Carolina Panthers during the NFL season opening game against the Arizona Cardinals at the University of Phoenix Stadium on September 11, 2011 in Glendale, Arizona. The Carindals defeated the Panthers 28-21. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Carolina Panthers Superbowl T-shirts

The Carolina Panthers have print tshirts for the super bowl. The Carolina Panthers Superbowl t-shirts have the phrase, “I have Ryan Kalil‘s back” on the back and their logo on the front. The words on the back are simple and easy to read.

The ad was a calculated move on the part of Kalil. He saw what year Mr. Richardson got the franchise, how many PSL seats were sold and on which day, and more. It was detailed and hard work. He put a lot of work into it. The ad may put more pressure on the team to win and their job, but it shouldn’t make that much of a difference. Some people didn’t like the t-shirt ads especially when the team lost a game last week. Some thought that they set themselves up when they made those t-shirts. Some though every team has a goal of the Super Bowl and not everyone will make the cut.

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The guarantee of winning the super bowl may not be all the way but still the Panthers have a chance of winning. If they play hard and do all they can do to be ready for their games, they have a good chance at winning and the t-shirts are just a reminder to everyone out there that they will do their best to win their games and go to the Super Bowl.

How To Brighten Up One’s Day With Vistaprint Shirts

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Funny Dude Quotes

You may be wondering how simple Vistaprint t-shirts can actually brighten up one’s day. There are actually a lot of ways. Some use cheesy lines while there are some who design their own logos and have them printed on their shirts. Another good thing to do is to print funny dude quotes on your shirt. These are funny jokes or quotes that people can read so even if you are shy to crack a joke, people would take time to smile.

One of the good things with personalized shirts is that you can express yourself even if you do not speak. For instance, you may like a boy or a girl at school or at work, you can print a certain quote or question that will make him or her think. One way of getting to a man’s or a woman’s heart is by making him or her laugh such as when he or she reads funny dude quotes on your shirt.

VistaPrint T-Shirts

Another factor which makes Vistaprint t-shirts a hit to people is that it brings out the artistic side of a person whenever he or she creates a design. You can create your own logo or quote and have it printed which means you have to think and plan what you want to show people, just a like an artwork that you would want to share to your class.

Vistaprint t-shirts are not limited to funny dude quotes but other messages that you may want to put into your shirt. There are some occasions where you might want to put sweet messages instead of funny ones to make your loved one feel more special. Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary or a simple celebration, you can make any day special by creating a nicely personalized shirt that will always be remembered.

Vistaprint T-Shirt Designs You Can Buy

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If you are looking for information on Vistaprint t-shirt designs and how to order online, maybe this will help you.

Vistaprint T-Shirt Designs

Vistaprint has styles for women and men. You can upload text, a logo, or photos to the company so they can make your t-shirt how you would like it to be or if you like one of their templates, you can choose that instead. The basic classic shirt that they have come in a black, white, or gray cotton material and front and backside t-shirt printing.

There are a variety of different shirt templates that you can choose from. The company has an industry, personal and family, and events section with subheadings to choose from. In the industry section a few of the choices you will see are: animals and pet care, education and childcare, food and beverage, and retail and sales. In the personal and family section some of the choices you will see are: baby, birthday, holiday, and humor. In the events section you might find: baby, sports, wedding, and general party.

To place an order, simply select the shirt material that you want to use and the template. If you want to upload a picture or write a message on the shirt, you will do that too. Then you will type up your billing information and how you pay for it. After that, you should be all set to have the shirt shipped out to you.

Getting your Logo Embroidered: What to Remember

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When you order promotional products, you want to be sure it counts. Some people order hundreds of dollars worth of premiums so it is important to know what you are going to get.

1. When is embroidery good to use?

Embroidery is a great option when it comes to hats, but can also be great on hoodies and t-shirts. If you are putting embroidery on a shirt or hoodie, be sure that the size will not be obnoxious to the wearer. You want your name seen, but if the embroidery is too big then it won’t be. In this case, don’t use embroidery.

2. Simple logo

Be sure your logo is simple if you are planning on using embroidery. Having a detailed photo may not work with embroidery since the image will be a far cry from what you pictured.

3. Pick your colors

Be sure you get the colors that you like. It is possible that in the process of putting the images in the computer, the colors can end up looking different. In order to have the look you want, it is important to pick your colors. Make sure they come out the way they went in.

Getting your Logo Embroidered: What to Remember

4. Text

Try to put borders around letters. The logo will look a lot better if you have a thick black or dark line around the text. In design terms this is called a stroke. This helps it become easier to read, especially if the contrast is not very high. If there is already a lot of contrast between the letters and what is behind them, it may not be as necessary to put a stroke around the letters.

5. Be sure the thread count is high

Many companies try and skimp out on the thread count and other details and since these companies get paid by the project, they will try to get your order in and out as quickly as possible. There is not a set number that is right or wrong when it comes to thread count, so just be sure you see it before you buy it. When looking for the right look to give your promotional products you can’t bee to careful.

6. See it digitally (or a sample)

See what your logo looks like over a certain color or in a certain size. Some websites let you do this online, which can be a great tool.

Don’t spend the dough until you know what it will look like. Be safe when it comes to embroidery.


Tiffany S. Thatcher specializes in, promo products and has a passion for advertising.

5 things you can make with a 3D Printer

Five Finger T Shirts

This much talked about technology, is constantly in the news when new developments or progress is made on ongoing projects. The reason why this revolutionary machinery is so popular is because of its potential and what it could help home and business users achieve. Imagine creating your own shoes, t-shirts or even food! The possibilities of what could be created is endless but check out these 5 things that are actually possible.

1. Build your own robot

The MIT (Massachusetts institute of technology) were granted $10 million from the National Science Foundation to carry out their project on developing a desktop technology that would allow user to design, create and print your own specialised robot. The potential of this is huge as robots can be created to ensure disaster relief and personalized health care.

2. Make you own jewellery

Every woman’s dream. Just imagine how much money would be saved if you created your own necklaces and bracelets plus, you could be as creative and imaginative as you like. Many wholesale traders are creating their own jewellery and passing it on to reseller using this 3D technology but I don’t think it’s quite ready yet for home users.

3. Medical Industry: Bones

Yes that’s right, bones! I had to look twice when I first read this but 3D printer can actually be used to create “bone like” material which in turn can be used to repair injuries. 3D printers were first used to produce 3D objects from damaged bone images by first using a CAT scanner to produce the image, followed by a 3D printer to create the model.

4. Shoes

Melissas, a Brazilian footwear company created a shoe for women out of the plastic known as Melflex. The difficulty is that most polymers that are used within 3D printers are hard and inflexible which can make the object uncomfortable but students and designers haven’t been deferred by this and are finding new ways to make the shoes more comfortable.

5. Food

Can you imagine having a 3D printer next to microwave? Many restaurants and food outlets would be able to use this for food that requires high precision like cake or icing decorations. Who knows in five years’ time, you could have one in your home?

Well that’s it, 5 things that can be made with a 3D printer but what If you had access to a 3D printer, what would you create?

Daniel Whittaker; works at Cartridge Monkey, a company that suppliers ink cartridges in the Uk. Daniel manages the content at Cartridges Monkey and loves to write on website optimisation.

What Not to Do When Designing a Logo

Five Finger T Shirts

Most business owners know that a good logo is essential in creating a successful brand. Logos are the first and easiest way to convey a message to potential customers, but many businesses (both large and small) make certain mistakes in logo design. Here are some of the most common mistakes, as well as how to avoid them.

Going the DIY Route

If you’re serious about getting your message out, you should hire a professional designer to create your business logo. Many businesses spend thousands of dollars on inventory, equipment and other assets, but are reluctant to spend a bit of money on a logo that will be on promotional gifts, marketing materials, a company website, and other forms of media. Some business owners attempt to design their own logo, or ask a friend or family member to do the work for them. Others outsource the work to their sign or printing company; while this may seem OK, these companies don’t normally take the same level of time and care that a professional designer would. By hiring a pro, your logo will be memorable and appealing, and it will serve your company for many years.

Using Raster Images

In many cases, logos are designed in a vector application like Adobe Illustrator. Vector graphics are enlargeable to any size, while still retaining a crispness in artwork and typeface. On the other hand, bitmap (raster) images are like digital photos; they can only be enlarged so much before they become fuzzy and pixelated. Raster logos have a place, such as on newsletters and websites, but for marketing materials and promotional gifts, make sure you use images in a vector format.


Musil-Logos (Photo credit: konsument)

Using Too-Complex Images

Many business owners think their company logo should tell customers about everything they do, in the most literal of senses. Logos were never intended for that purpose! Think of simple-but-iconic logos (such as that of Nike). The most recognizable logos aren’t cluttered, and are easily readable in small sizes.

Being Too Trendy

We all know that trends are here today, and gone tomorrow, but you don’t want that in your logo; you want it to stand the test of time. When a style becomes so popular that it’s seen everywhere, it becomes passé very quickly; choose design elements based on principles that are tried-and-true for the best results.

Being Inconsistent

This is one of the biggest mistakes that companies make. If different departments produce different materials (such as branded carrier bags), they may use different fonts or other design elements, meaning that there may be multiple versions of your logo out there. When your logo isn’t consistent, your message won’t get through, and when it’s not professional, your business is perceived the same way.

A business logo is a lot more than just a representation of what a company has to offer; it is usually the first impression customers get. By avoiding common mistakes and choosing a professional design company, you’ll ensure that your first impression is a good one.

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of UK PrintPrice the promotional gifts experts. Please click here to find out their range of branded carrier bags and other promotional items.

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