Getting your Logo Embroidered: What to Remember


When you order promotional products, you want to be sure it counts. Some people order hundreds of dollars worth of premiums so it is important to know what you are going to get.

1. When is embroidery good to use?

Embroidery is a great option when it comes to hats, but can also be great on hoodies and t-shirts. If you are putting embroidery on a shirt or hoodie, be sure that the size will not be obnoxious to the wearer. You want your name seen, but if the embroidery is too big then it won’t be. In this case, don’t use embroidery.

2. Simple logo

Be sure your logo is simple if you are planning on using embroidery. Having a detailed photo may not work with embroidery since the image will be a far cry from what you pictured.

3. Pick your colors

Be sure you get the colors that you like. It is possible that in the process of putting the images in the computer, the colors can end up looking different. In order to have the look you want, it is important to pick your colors. Make sure they come out the way they went in.

Getting your Logo Embroidered: What to Remember

4. Text

Try to put borders around letters. The logo will look a lot better if you have a thick black or dark line around the text. In design terms this is called a stroke. This helps it become easier to read, especially if the contrast is not very high. If there is already a lot of contrast between the letters and what is behind them, it may not be as necessary to put a stroke around the letters.

5. Be sure the thread count is high

Many companies try and skimp out on the thread count and other details and since these companies get paid by the project, they will try to get your order in and out as quickly as possible. There is not a set number that is right or wrong when it comes to thread count, so just be sure you see it before you buy it. When looking for the right look to give your promotional products you can’t bee to careful.

6. See it digitally (or a sample)

See what your logo looks like over a certain color or in a certain size. Some websites let you do this online, which can be a great tool.

Don’t spend the dough until you know what it will look like. Be safe when it comes to embroidery.


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