Chinese Government Bans ObaMao T Shirts During US Visit

ObaMao T Shirts

Chinese Government Bans ObaMao T Shirts During US Visit

The Chinese Government has banned the very popular ObaMao t-shirts and other novelty items that have become very popular in Beijing since US President Barack Obama’s election last year. The government felt the items may cause embarrassment to the US during the president’s visit. The items depict President Obama dressed in Chairman Mao’s red guards cap and uniform. The shirts had been selling like hot cakes until commerce bureau regulators made routine stops at souvenir shops this week and informed shop owners they would be closed down if they continued to sell the items.

The T Shirt Design

In addition to the threats of being closed down for selling ObaMao items, store owners were told they could resume selling the items once President Obama’s visit was complete. The items became popular when a local entrepreneur and engineer came up with the t-shirt design and added some funny Chinese style English. Chinese style English has had a viral type popularity on the Internet in China. One such saying is “You ask me, me ask who?”. Probably not too funny to American’s unless you have a Chinese background. President Obama leaves China on Wednesday November 18th, 2009.

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